Babbitt Bearing Manufacturer

White metal Babbitt bearing has wide range of application. Babbitt bearings are commonly used in diesel engine, compressors, turbine, alternators and rotatary equipments. The white metal Babbitt bearings are preferred over the thin shell type bearings. White metal Babbitt bearings are easy to manufacture and can be repaired by rebabbitting process. It saves the cost of operation. The manufacturing of white metal Babbitt bearing is easy in incomparable to manufacturing of tri metal

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. manufactures white metal Babbitt bearing for last more than 3 decades having supplied to various industries and clients based all over the world. We are considered to be most reliable and cost effective manufacturer of the white metal Babbitt bearings.

Turbine White Metal Bearing

Babbitt white metal turbine bearings have a critical role in satisfactory performance of turbine. It is important that the grade of white metal used for babbitting of bearings at time of manufacturing is selected as per the load on the bearing. The base metal on which the babbitting of white metal is done should be free of any cracks and hard spots. In order to achieve strong bonding between the Babbitt white metal and the base lining, the centrifugal casting process is preferred which ensures uniform layer of Babbitt white metal with dense micro structure of white metal. Machining of babbitting of white metal is to be done by the experienced technician to maintain the taper and ovality. Necessary quality checks are undertaken.

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. undertakes manufacturing of new white metal Babbitt bearing and rebabbitting of white metal bearing which are damaged during the operation. The bearings are manufactured as per the size of the turbine shafts obtained after grinding and polishing.

The client has great advantage as RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has in house facility for onsite grinding of crankshaft, turbine shaft, alternator shaft, manufacturing of new white metal bearing and rebabbitting of old bearings.

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Alternator White Metal Babbitt Bearings

After grinding of alternator shaft due to damage it is necessary to rebabbit the white metal bearing. The thickness of white metal is increased in order to compensate the reduction in diameter of alternator shaft after grinding. It is necessary that after rebabbitting of white metal alternator bearing the specified oil gap is maintained as stipulated in the manual.

It is necessary to check the bearing shell after removing of old white metal. It is important that bearing shell is free of any hard spots, cracks or pitting.
RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. uses grade of white metal according to the application and load characteristics. We regularly undertake rebabbitting of white metal bearings for engines, turbines, pumps, etc.

Rebabbitting of alternator bearings,turbine bearings,rotor bearings and crankshaft bearings is regularly undertaken for following engine: MAN-B&W, Sulzer, Wartsila, Mak, Deutz, Pielstick, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Yanmar, Bergen, Niigata, Himsen, Allen, Stork, Fiat, MWM, Hanshin, Caterpillar, SKL, Ruston, Paxman, Crepelle, Mirrlees, Alco, ABC, Crepelle, Nohab etc.

White Metal Bearings for Crankshaft

White metal Babbitt bearings for high capacity engines are manufactured by us. In case of failure of white metal bearings, it is possible to repair them by rebabbitting process. But in case of failure of tri metal bearings the solution is to replace the bearings.

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. manufactures new white metal Babbitt bearings as per the drawings or as per the samples. The latest centrifugal technology is used for rebabbitting. In-house machining is done maintaining final bore size of the bearing. The quality of white metal used is monitored and metallurgical record is also maintained. Rebabbitting of bearings of high capacity diesel engine, gearboxes, pumps and rotatory equipments up to the bore size of 1000 mm is undertaken.