Manufacturing of Babbitt Bearing, White Metal Bearing & Rebabbitting of old Bearings.

RA Power Solutions has equipment and Expertise of Manufacturing of new Babbitt Bearings, Babbitt Bearing Repair and Rebabbiting of old Bearings.

Following is our range of Babbitt Bearings, White Metal Bearing and Tri Metal Bearing.

  • CKD Skoda 2270 KVA Bearing

  • MOP Governor Bearing 210 MW Turbine

  • Thrust Bearing Pad

  • 600 MW Turbine Pad Bearing

  • BFP Motor Bearing & Assembly 210 MW

    BFP Motor Bearing & Assembly 210 MW

  • Boiler Feed Pump & Motor Thrust Bearing Pad

    Boiler Feed Pump & Motor Thrust Bearing Pad

  • Babbitt bearing under manufacturing

    Babbitt bearing under manufacturing

  • white metal bearing 800mm bore

    white metal bearing 800mm bore


Babbitt material consists of a combination of copper, antimony, tin and lead. The material, better-known as Babbitt, is coated on top of the shell bore having normal thickness ranging from 0.025 mm to 2.5 mm.

Two primary categories of white metal Babbitt are tin based and lead based. Tin-based Babbitt is used for high speed or hard to lubricate bearings, while lead-based Babbitt is employed with low speed or heavy load bearings. The composition of Babbitt material is made up of small, hard crystals dispersed in a matrix of softer alloy. As the Babbitt bearing wears, the harder crystals are exposed. With the erosion of the matrix, the bore surface of the babbitt bearing becomes distorted and will fail.