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RA Power manufactures crankshaft repair machine which is a latest solution for repair of damaged crankpin and main journal of crankshaft onsite. The crankshaft repair machine  is available in the range from 60 mm to 700 mm which caters to almost all the capacities of engines installed on board a vessel in power plants and other applications. The crankshaft repair machine has following features:

I) The crankshaft repair machine (crankshaft grinding/crankshaft polishing machine) is developed out of our experience, extensive field applications and research.

II) Light weight portable crankshaft repair machine can be carried to any site all over the world.

III) Crankshaft repair machine is compact and is placed on crank pin from inspection window of the crankcase for grinding and polishing. There is no requirement of dismantling of the crankshaft from engine block.

IV) The crankshaft repair machine is of latest design which results to almost no vibration. The tolerances in terms of taper and ovality are controlled within 0.02 mm or as per the requirement of engine manufacturer.

V) The crankshaft grinding and polishing machine is easy to operate and understand. Training is an integrated package of this product.

VI) The machine is recommended and has proved its worth in different applications like land based engine, process industry, shipping, etc.

VII) Cost effective and perhaps this is the first revolutionary crankshaft grinding equipment which is affordable for the repair workshops,shipping companies,Power plants and repair industry.

We have supplied more than 65 crankshaft repair(Crank shaft grinding and crankshaft polishing machine all the world.

Onsite Crankshaft Grinding and Polishing Machine

Crankshaft Grinding Machine Ready for Dispatch

Crankshaft Grinding & Polishing Machine Accessories

 Grinding of Crankpin is in Process by Crankshaft Repair Machine

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