Metal Locking and Metal Stitching by RA Power Solutions, India

Damaged engine parts, construction equipment and all mechanical equipments can be repaired successfully by metal locking and metal stitching process in case of crack or extensive damage of casting due to accident.

The repair of crack or damage casting by using traditional welding method is not successful for repair of cast iron and alloy cast metal components.

RA Power Solutions has expert team of technicians who are trained to execute repair of crack and repair of damage casting of large equipments by metal stitching and metal locking process.

Broken Area of Generator
Damaged Area of Engine Block Measuring 14 inches X 12 inches
Metal Stitching of New Casting Piece in Broken Area
New Piece of Casting Metal Stitched

The repair of crack by metal lock and metal stitching process has following advantage:

I) In case of crack or damaged component, there is no need of sending it to designated workshop. Our technicians visit the site and undertake repair of crack by metal locking and metal stitching process.

II) Metal lock and metal stitching is a proven method of repair of crack. It’s is a permanent solution, cold process of crack repair and no heat is generated as in case of welding.

III) In case large portion of casting is damaged it is possible to replace it with the new casting having same design, profile and metallurgical properties by metal stitching and metal locking.

We provide services of crack repair and repair of damage casting for last 4 decades all over the world. We are cost effective and execute the repairs with guarantee.

Broken Engine of Wartsila Diesel Engine
Damaged Inspection Window of Wartsila Crankcase
Engine Block of Wartisla After Metal Stitching Process
Inspection Window of Crankcase under Repair by Metal Stitching/Metal Locking

Only company offers metal stitching and metal locking services while vessel is sailing.

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