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RA Power Solutions manufactures cylinder liners and cylinder sleeves for most of the popular make and models of diesel engines and cylinder liners used in pneumatic hammers, compressors and for other applications.

Cylinder Liner of Sulzer Engine
           Cylinder Liner of Sulzer Engine

With the experience of more than four decades in the field of diesel engine overhaul and maintenance the company has acquired necessary knowledge to manufacture the cylinder liners of high standards with constant upgradation of technology, equipment and process used for manufacturing of cylinder liners in our plant.

 We regularly export cylinder liners all over the world for the most popular diesel engines like CKD Skoda (All models of Engine), Ruston, Allen, B&W, DAIHATSU, MAN, Mirrlees Blackstone, Niigata, Caterpillar, Deutz, Wartsila, Sulzer, Yanmar, Bergen, Mitsubishi and Cummins etc.

MAN B&W Engine New Cylinder Liner Cover
      MAN B&W Engine New Cylinder Liner Cover

We are proven to be leaders in supply of cylinder liners in secondary market. We are open for development and manufacturing of cylinder liners and cylindrical sleeves as per the customer’s requirement either by sample, of cylinder liners or by the drawing and  technical specifications.

B&W DM 550 Cylinder Liner
B&W DM 550 Cylinder Liner

Material Used in Manufacturing of Cylinder Liners:

Gray Cast Iron with chemical compositions – Manganese, Carbon, Silicon, Phosphorus, Chromium, Copper, Sulphur, Nickel, Molybdenum.

 Treatments for Cylinder Liners as per application

  • Heat Treatment
  • Chrome plating
  • Phosphating
  • Nitriding
  • Toughening

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