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RA Power Solutions having more than forty years of experience in field of repair and maintenance of high capacity engines, understands the importance of the parts.

In case of damage of engine components or crack, RA Power Solutions undertakes repair onsite by metal stitching or metal locking process. We are considered to be the leaders in this field as we use the master lock, master piece, keys and consumable of high quality imported from UK. Our technicians are highly experienced. Crack repair and repair of damaged casting components can also be executed while sailing of the Vessel.

Replacement of Broken casting by new one- metal stitching
Replacement of Broken Casting by New one- Metal Stitching
Inspection window reapir by metal lock
Inspection Window Repair by Metal Lock

Following is the process of metal locking, metal stitching and advantages.

Process of Metal Locking, Metal Stitching:

The Metal Stitching process is accepted as the method of repairing all cracked, broken and damaged casting in cast iron, aluminium and steel.

metal stitching of broken casting
Metal Stitching of Broken Casting
Repair of Damaged Window of engine block
Repair of Damaged Window of engine block










The Stitching Process
1. At first visible and invisible cracks are identified.
2. The parts are clamped together to bring the parts in original position.
3. A rectangular hole is made across the fractured portion.
4. This hole is made by drilling and chipping.
5. The Master lock, large rectangular key of special metal is inserted into the hole.
6. Locking Pins are inserted alongside the master lock to provide a tight and secured master lock.
7. A length of metal stitching keys are inserted on the sides of the master lock to prevent the locking pins to fall out when the casting is subjected to high vibrations.

Advantage of Metal Stitching
1. No heat stress are induced
2. No Distortion occurs
3. In many Instances machining is not required
4. Invaluable in emergency situations
5. Reduces downtime
6. Gas/ Liquid proof repair

metal Stitchining of Cylinder Head
Metal Stitching of Cylinder Head

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repaire of Crack measuring 1400mm x 1140 mm
Repair of Crack Measuring 1400mm x 1140 mm
Damged engine repair by metal locking process
Damaged Engine Repair by Metal Locking Process


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