White Metal Babbitt Bearing | Rebabbitting of Bearing – RA Power Solutions

White metal babbitt bearings are manufactured by RA Power Solutions for all applications like engine, pumps, turbine, alternator and rotatory equipments.

The white metal babbitt bearings are manufactured as per the drawing or as per the sample of the bearings of the equipments which are no more produced by the original manufacturer. Stringent quality control norms are followed at the time of manufacturing of white metal bearings. The centrifugal system followed for rebabbitting of white metal is used which ensures a excellent bonding between the base metal and white metal.

The white metal after centrifugal casting has a dense surface without any pin holes or blow holes which results to the satisfactory performance and long life of the white metal babbitt bearing.

The rough and final machining and maintenance of various critical dimensions are maintained by using in-house latest design of equipment.

White metal babbitt bearings are manufactured as per the international standards maintaining the close tolerances. We have the facility to manufacture white metal babbitt bearing up to the outer diameter of 1500 mm.

Rebabbitting of old white metal bearings is undertaken which develop taper and ovality or get damaged

We are exporting bearings regularly to Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, UK, South America, Sri Lanka, Greece, Dubai, Qatar, etc.

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