Diesel Engine Overhaul & Repair | Engine Maintenance | Marine & Power Plant Diesel Engine Repair & Maintenance by RA Power Solutions

Diesel Engine maintenance, overhaul, repair & replacement of Crankshaft is undertaken by RA Power Solutions through the experienced technicians. We leaders in providing Engine maintenance & overhaul services for the last 4 decades.

The main advantage of assigning a job of Diesel Engine Overhaul & Repair, Engine maintenance to RA Power Solutions is that we are experts in undertaking the onsite repair of Crankshaft, Engine block and all major services including repair of damaged casting. Metal locking & Metal Stitching, Rebabbitting of white metal bearing, alternator services are offered in house this reduces the downtime of the engine.

Diesel Engine Overhaul & Repair
Diesel Engine Overhaul & Repair

All our technicians carry valid Indian CDC & can execute the Diesel Engine Overhaul & Repair, Marine & Power Plant Diesel Engine Repair & maintenance while sailing.

Reconditioning of Connecting Rods
Reconditioning of Connecting Rods

We are giving below details of an overhaul of Wartsila 12V32 Engines executed in Panama, South America in November 2015.


I) Dismount and overhaul all cylinder heads, grind the valves and replacement all valve guide O ring seals. Checked cylinder heads leakage and pressure testing of all heads at 5 bar

II) Overhaul the charged air coolers, Jacket water, and lubricating oil Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers.

III) Dismount and overhaul all ABB turbochargers, renewed the compressor and turbine side bearings.

IV) Withdraw all the pistons, took piston clearances and check and cleaned piston ring landing and renewal of piston rings gudgeon pins and big end bearings.

V) Clean inspect and de-glaze the cylinder liners. Replaced 7 bad liners

VI) Took Crank web deflection measurements after the renewal of main bearings.

Inspection of Bearings on Board a Vessel
Inspection of Bearings

VII) Polished the crankshaft and renewed all main and big end bearings shells.

VIII) Dismount and overhaul all fuel injectors and pressure tested the nozzles

IX) Dismount and overhaul the fuel pumps and replacement of delivery valves, plunger, and barrels.

X) Set the valves tappet clearances.

XI) Dismount and overhaul of both seawater and jacket water pumps replaced the mechanical seals and ball bearings.

Inspection of Connecting Rods
Inspection of Connecting Rods
Inspection of Heat Exchanger and Gas Plates
Inspection of Heat Exchanger and Gas Plates








The above engines after repair and maintenance job undertaken by RA Power solutions are operating satisfactorily.

The author is Mr. Raj Shahani Managing Director of RA Power Solutions having experience of almost four decades of working on high capacity diesel engines, turbines, and rotary equipment.

For more information, please email us on info@rapowersolutions.com or Call us on +91 – 124 – 437 8292, +91 9213604692

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