We manufacture cylinder liners for various applications including diesel engine, compressor, forging hammers and all mechanical equipments. Cylinder liners manufactured by RA Power Solutions are centrifugally cast and strict control is maintained on the cylinder liner material composition. The material composition of cylinder liner is decided as per the OEMs cylinder liners or as per the application.

We can manufacture cylinder liners up to the length of 1500 mm and bore size of 600 mm. The cylinder liners have following features:

I) All cylinder liners are centrifugally cast on latest equipment.

II) Machining is undertaken on CNC equipments.

III) Honing is undertaken as required.

IV) Heat treatments, phosphating and nitrating is undertaken.

Cylinder liners are manufactured as per the drawing or sample.

Quality Commitments by RA Power:

I) Hardness Test

II) Dimensional Check

III) Profile Test

IV) Microstructure Test

V) Metallurgical Test

VI) Honing Finish Inspection of Cylinder Liners

VII) Tensile Strength Test

All the cylinder liners manufactured by us qualify for the international standards of OEMs. Thus serving the global replacement market of most of the popular marine engines in operation.

Cylinder liners of following make and model of diesel engine are available in stock:

Wartsila , Wartsila 12V32, Wartsila 18V32, Daihatsu , MWM , Caterpillar , MAN , MaK , B&W , Sulzer , Bergen , Detroit Diesel , Stork Werkspoor , Pielstick , Deutz , Yanmar , MTU , Cummins , Nohab Polar , Caterpillar , Mitsubishi , Yanmar , MaK 551 , MaK 552 , MaK 453 , MaK 451 AK , MaK 452 AK , Deutz 540 , Deutz 358 , Deutz 350, Pielstick PC 2.2 PC 2.5, Wartsila 524 ,Wartsila 824 TS, Sulzer 6 AL 25 30, Sulzer 5 AL 25/30 MWM TBD 484, MaN 40/54 , MaN Sulzer 12 ASV 25/30 , Sulzer 16 ZV 40/48 , Deutz BV 16M 540 , B&W 6L 45 GFCA, MAN B&W 55/GF, CAT D353, B&W 5T23LH, Daihatsu 6 PST 26D, Allen S12F, Daihatsu 6 PSHTb 26M, Mak 6MU 451 AK, Deutz 6M 628, Caterpillar 3512, Deutz BV 12M 628, MWM TBD 234, WICHMANN 5AX, SKL 8NVD 48A-2U, Pielstick PC 2.2 LNR, Caterpillar 3508 and more.

  • RA Power Solution

    Closer View of Cylinder Liner

  • RA Power Solution

    Cylinder Liner of MAN Engine

  • RA Power Solution

    Packing In Progress after Reconditioning of Cyliner Liner

  • RA Power Solution

    Cylinder Liner of Wartsila Diesel Engine

  • RA Power Solution

    Reconditioned Cylinder Liner