Metal Stitching, Metal Locking and Metal Surgery

It is observed that heavy equipments manufactured of steel or cast iron gets damaged due to accident, high stress, failure of lubrication, etc.

Due to the heavy weight and high cost of the component, it is difficult to replace it by the new one. RA Power Solutions undertake repair of broken castings and the castings which develop crack/damage by metal stitching and metal locking process.

The metal locking,metal surgery and metal stitching process followed by us is proven method of crack repair or repair of broken casting. A new piece of casting is manufactured and is fixed in the broken area by metal locking and metal stitching. The main advantage of repair of crack and broken casting by metal locking, metal stitching and metal surgery is that it is a cold process of crack repair, no heat is generated thus there is no requirement of machining after repairs.

Following parts can be successfully repaired by metal locking and metal stitching process i.e. Engine Block/Entablature, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Liners, Generators, Turbo Chargers, Turbo Casing, Gear Box Housing, Pump Casings, Compressors Crank Cases, Forgings Hammer, Lathe/Press/Milling/Boaring, etc. machines and all casting equipments, etc.

Company has experience of four decades in repair of high capacity engine and heavy plant and machinery. We can also execute crack repair and repair of broken casting by metal stitching and metal locking on board the vessel. We are considered to be very cost effective.

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  • RA Power Solution

    Metal Locks and Keys are Inserted to Repair Broken Entablature

  • RA Power Solution

    Metal Stitching of Engine Block Using Broken Pieces in Process

  • RA Power Solution

    Repair of Threads on Engine Block Under Process

  • RA Power Solution

    Repaired Engine Block After Metal Stitching

  • RA Power Solution

    Metal Stitching of Bottom Area of Threaded Hole to Give Extra Strength