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RA Power Solutions is providing major overhauling & repair of high capacity engines installed on the ship & in industries. Our technicians are experienced & they have worked with reputed engine manufacturers like Wartsila, Caterpillar, Mirrlees Blackstone,Cummins etc.

Repair & Overhauling of Engine on Board a Vessel
Repair & Overhauling of Engine on Board a Vessel

The following jobs are undertaken pertaining to major Overhauling, Engine Repair & Engine Services offered by RA Power solutions.

I) Inspection of all parts after disassembly of the Engine.

Disassembly & Inspection of Engine Spare Parts
Disassembly & Inspection of Engine Spare Parts

II) Preparation of report in details of parts inspected & overhaul of Engine.

III) Most of the parts are repaired or reconditioned by RA Power solutions on site with portable equipment & dedicated team of technicians.

IV) Assembly of parts maintaining clearance strictly as specified in the manual.

V) Complete assembly of the Engine.

VI) Load trial of the Engine.

Repair of Engine Spares on Vessel
Repair of Engine Spares on Vessel

Following is the description of activities of major overhaul of MAN B&W L23/30H auxiliary engine undertaken recently.

I. Dismantled all units of cylinder heads

Inspection of Cylinder Liners
Inspection of Cylinder Liners

II. Removal of all inlet valve, exhaust valve and valve guides
III. Renewal of all valve spindles, inlet valves, exhaust valves, valve guides, guide O rings, valve rotators and valve springs.
IV. Reconditioning of all valve spindle seats and valve seat rings
V. Dismounting, cleaning and Inspection of all cylinder heads cooling water space and replacement of all O rings.
VI. Inspection and cleaning of all fuel injector sleeves
VII. Lapping of all cylinder liner and cylinder head sealing face
VIII. Pressure testing of all cylinder heads at 6 bar
IX. Inspect and check clearances of all valve gears, valve bridges and push rods
X. Renewal of all cylinder liner sealing joints
XI. Dismounted all units pistons and connecting rods, replacement of all connecting rod big-end bearing shells. Cleaning of all pistons and replacement of all piston rings.
XII. Inspection and de-glazing of cylinder liners. Measurement of all units cylinder liner piston ring butt clearances and all pistons vertical groove clearances.
XIII. Measurement of camshaft bearing clearances with filler gauge
XIV. Dismount ,overhaul and remount all 7 nos fuel injection valves and renewal of the nozzles
XV. Dismount and clean the lub oil filter and renew all four filter elements with original new
XVI. Dismount and clean lub oil cooler
XVII. Dismount the charge air cooler, cleaned the cooler element by immersion in detergent and compressed air
XVIII. Dismount and clean both turbine and compressor sides of turbocharger
XIX. Took crankshaft deflection measurement with spring loaded dial gauge
XX. Adjusted the inlet and exhaust valve clearances.

RA Power Solutions have a large team of engineers & technicians available 24/7 all of them have valid Indian CDC & Palau CDC & can travel to any destination in a short notice.

Repair of Diesel Engine on Vessel
Repair of Diesel Engine on Vessel
Repair of Crankpin on Board a Vessel
Repair of Crankpin on Board a Vessel





The author is Mr. Raj Shahani, Managing Director of RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has 40 years of experience in working on large crankshafts and Diesel Engines. He is on the board of directors of reputed shipping companies and companies having a large number of Diesel power plants.

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